Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pre-run anxiety?

Anyone ever have pre-run anxiety?  I have to do a little work before I can head out for my morning run and I keep thinking things like:  What if my last run was a fluke?  What if I cannot do it again?  What if it's horrible?     I should just stay home.  I should skip it.

What is wrong with you brain!?!?!?!  Is it fear of failing?  It's driving me crazy.  I guess that's what they mean when they say:


  1. I always beat myself up before every run. Like, Why do you even bother?.....You only have 30'll never get to a marathon when you can't even RUN a whole 5K....

    These are NOT God and they are NOT me, so I know exactly where they come from. The enemy and FEAR. Don't be afraid to run, even if you're not as fast as strong and as exhilerated as the time before. At least you DID it. This is what I have to tell myself.

    This is a great blog and I'm so glad I found ya! Thanks for stopping by my facebook page. "From Couch Potato to Marathon Mom". My other blog is "Miss Banana Pants". Feel free to check out both, but I'm looking forward to encouraging each other on this journey! You've got this!!

    1. Hi!! Didn't see your comment until now. Sorry! Thank you for the compliment. And yes, negative self talk is the WORST!