Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday shmuesday...

Excellent run today!  I did not get to run last night because hubby's work is batshit craycray right now and he didn't get home until after dark.  :(  I need to up my runs to four times a week to meet my goal of 30 miles in October I think.

Big weekend coming up!  A friend is coming in from out of town.  I haven't seen her since August!  She actually went to highschool with husband, but through the modern miracle of Facebook I am able to steal all his old friends! ;) (Or at least that's what I'm accused of lol).  I am hosting a Pure Romance party on Saturday, which surprisingly is a lot of fun and classier than you'd expect.  You can google Pure Romance if you wanna.  It's basically an adult toy party.  Like Tupperware but with dildos.....BUT I swear it's classy!  I have to come up with some fun snacks and cocktails to make.

Then Sunday we are going to hit up a pumpkin patch!  It's a yearly tradition.  Today I leave you with cute kitty back end.  This is Milo sleeping between plants on the window seat. He's a weirdo.

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