Friday, October 12, 2012


That stands for thank god it's Friday yipee ki-yay motherfu....mofos!

This is what I want to do all day today, Saturday Caturday and Sunday:

Sushi loves a cushy tummy to lay on.
Instead, I have to work like a mofo today and then clean house tonight for the partay tomorrow.  I also have to squeeze in 8 hours of work tomorrow times!  Sunday is the punkin patch and Monday is SOMEONE'S birthday. ;)  I decided that since this virtual 5k is during my birthday week that I should run it in celebration of turning 33!  Go me!  You can print yourself a bib if you like and then once you run yours you log your information and submit a picture.  I think that enters you for prizes too!  They have t-shirts you can order, etc.

Virtual 5K! Woot mofos!

Since we are talking about birfdays....I got the coolest e-mail this morning from Klutchclub!  My mom and dad got me a 3-month subscription to their health/wellness box!  I've been drooling over it since Monica over at Run,  Eat, Repeat blogged about them! So excited! Here's what was in their September box:

I will update you guys when I get my first box!!  Hope you guys have a wonderful Friday and weekend!  I'm off to bore myself to death with work!

PS- Mucinex D is the bizomb!!

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