Friday, December 28, 2012


First of all, I wanted to tell you about something I'm super excited about!  Run with Jess is hosting a weight loss challenge on DietBet that starts Monday.  The buy in is only $10 and so far the pot is up to $1980!!!  All you have to do for a cut of the pot is loose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks.  I already bought in!  Will you??

Do you make resolutions?  Last year I told myself I would get down to my goal weight and lead a healthier lifestyle in 2012.  Well, while I did not get to my goal weight (I am pretty sure I'm the exact same weight as last December!) I AM leading a healthier lifestyle.  I started running in May of this year and have done four 5ks since then.  

My goals for 2013 are:

1. Get to goal weight!! 
2. Tough Mudder.
3. Half marathon.
4. Work more efficiently.
5. Figure out how to cut loose and enjoy myself!

What are your goals for 2013?  

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Long Time No See!!

Sorry I've been MIA!! The holidays kept me busy!! The juice fast did not last long. :(. I made it about 7 hours and the bathroom issues got to me!! I joined the gym on Saturday though! Really glad I did. I've gone 3 times so far and I love it!!

LOBSTAH face!!!

We stayed home for Christmas and had a nice relaxing time. I got some cool running related stuff I'm excited to use!!

Now I just need to lay off the holiday goodies!!

Have a great Thursday!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

We're not dead!! Yay!

Well, the world did not end, which is good because I bought a crap load of produce last night.  I started my juice fast today and I will do it through Christmas Eve.  This morning I had apple, carrot ginger juice!  Very yummy!

Today I will be working and then taking Milo to the vet.  He needs one more set of shots before we can get him fixed.  He'll be 7 months in January and I'm afraid he's gonna start spraying. :/  I'm going to the gym tomorrow with a friend.  I'm gonna run on the treadmill and maybe do some stationary biking!  Yay for getting back to running.  It's been TOO long.  Happy Friday!


 Here's mid-morning Mean Green snack juice! I had to substitute zucchini for kale because I couldn't find any kale last night and I forgot to get spinach!  It made almost double what's in the cup, and I still have lunch juice, snack juice and dinner juice to go!  This is crazy!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I've been meaning to watch that documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead for months now, and I finally did tonight. WOW. WOW. WOW.  Truly amazing stuff.  I even teared up a couple of times.  :)  In fact, I'm making a grocery list as we speak.  I've been wanting to do a juice fast for a while so watching this was perfect timing.  I am only doing a 3 to 5-day fast because of the holiday coming up. I'm excited though.  The only thing that's worrying me really is the cost of the produce.....

(It's my grocery list and I can misspell things if I want!!!)

We shall see!  The plan is to head to the grocery in the morning and check it out!  I may have to modify to fit my budget. 

Day 3

Snow day today! No school! 2 went down the tubes around 3:00 p.m.  :(  I could not stop snacking!! I did do my workout last night though, with some major pushing from hubby.  Not sure how I feel about it.  It seemed too simple.  I will try day 2 and then decide if I want to continue with it.  Milo was not terribly impressed with it either.  During the foam-rolling portion he was intrigued....but quickly lost interest.  Smart kitty!

For breakfast this morning I had carrot apple juice and it was so yummy.  I LOVE the color.  It's so vibrant!!  Check out that awesome mug too.  I got a set of them in December's PopSugar Must Have box.  Way cool!

I just want a big fuzzy blanket this EXACT color!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Project Mudder- Day 2

Day 1 went well.  I almost lost it in the afternoon and drank an entire bottle of champagne, but then I pulled it together.  (Really, when the UPS man delivers a bottle of champagne it's HARD to resist! But I did.)

I didn't have time to do my workout until around 7 p.m. I was looking forward to it all day!  I fed the kids and got them squared away and then went and locked myself in my bedroom with the iPad.  I pulled up the Streamfit site and.....NADA.  I got an error message.  So I went and got my laptop and had the same problem.  Major bummer.  So then I tried 2 other sites that I had coupons for.  No dice.  Finally I downloaded the Women's Health Personal Trainer app....not impressed.  I used it, but I'll be deleting it soon.     Totally not worth the $14 a month or whatever it is.  Thank goodness for free trials!!

This morning's breakfast was the last of my Nature Box granola :( with some milk heated up.  Super yummy!! Tonight I'm going to try again with the Streamfit site, as of this morning it seems to be working again!

Hubby had been telling me about the "mustache man" for a while, and I finally checked out his blog last night. Holy crap!!  Dude is awesome!  Check him out!

my new hero.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Banana egg pancakes

When I was in Alabama my brother made some awesome pancakes out of only banana and eggs!! These are probably old news, but I had never heard of them. He and his wife are doing paleo, and this is one of their go-to breakfasts/snacks.  I was skeptical before I tried them, but they are good!  I made them this morning since today is officially day one of Project Mudder.  All you do is mash one banana and then mix it with two eggs.  I decided to add cinnamon to the batter......but I was really tired.....Here's a tip: Pepper in your pancakes is not half bad!

these look exactly alike!!!

Here's the finished product.  I topped them with Activia vanilla yogurt and some granola from Nature Box.  Very good breakfast!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

It begins!!

I got a $25 coupon for Streamfit in my December Klutchclub box and I'm starting their Beginner Bootcamp 28-day training program tomorrow!!!

I'll let you know how it goes! 

I had coffee today with a friend and it was great.  Always nice to get out and have adult time!  Then I hit the mall and did some Christmas shopping for the kiddos. :)  Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


So, I have been harboring a secret goal for the last few months.  I was afraid to commit to it (and acknowledge it "out loud") because it will be SUCH hard work to get ready for it.  However, in the car on the way to the airport hubby and I talked and he gave me the push I needed to say what the hell!!!! June 2013 hubby and I will be doing:

I've got a lot of work ahead of me to get ready, but I'm up for it!  I need to lose weight and get fit enough to manage the obstacles.  I'm trying to put together a "work-out schedule" for myself right now.  I also need to focus HARDCORE on eating clean because I know it will be a lot easier if I drop a good bit of weight.  So, there it is.  I said it.  


We woke up to snow this morning!!!! Not a lot, but enough to alter my plans for the day :/

I was supposed to be hosting a jewelry part at my house today, but the snow put a kabosh on that.  For some reason my daughter is acting like she was raised by wolves so maybe it's for the best?  Anyhow, that gives me time to post pictures from my trip for you guys!!  More after the jump!

Friday, December 14, 2012

I'm HOME!!!!

Finally!!!  Sorry I didn't post while I was gone, but there just was not time!  I had to work while on vacation, so that left very little time for anything else except hanging out with family!  We had a BLAST and I have tons of pictures to share with you, but right now I have to get to work.  I will do a big post later today about the trip!  Until then here's a picture of my parents with my kiddos.  <3

And I know you missed Milo!  I sure did! 

notice the lip gloss kissy marks on his neck LOL.
Hope your Friday is excellent!!  I started back to "clean" (for me) eating today because I've got some exciting news that I will share with you when I post next!  <3  Missed you blog.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One more sleep!

Good morning!  One more day until we leave!  I have SO MUCH to get done so just a quick post!  I had to run hubby's clothes to the dry cleaner this morning so we stopped in at the new bakery in town.  I got this goody:

ham and cheese croissant with grumpy coffee
It was very good!  Flaky!  Will be going back to try other stuff.  Their staff was very friendly too!  Little man settled for a candy bar....really...a candy bar..instead of a pastry.  Not sure if he's my son....

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hairy little men....

Happy Tuesday!  Nothing much going on over this way.  Just trying to get all the laundry done and get the house in order.  Me and the kiddos are leaving on Thursday and flying out to Alabama for my brother's wedding reception!  I haven't seen my family since June so it will be great to see them!  I will still be posting while there, and I plan on taking my running gear so I can get a couple of runs in too.  We will only be there a week.  I'll also be working while there :/  Working from home is so cool....

I took the kids to the library yesterday to return their books and get new ones (they have not fully embraced e-books as much as I have lol).  While we were there I grabbed The Hobbit.  I had been toying with the idea of reading it to them, but did not want to buy it on my Nook.  I've never read any of Tolkien's books before.  I did watch the LOTR movies, I might have missed the last one, not sure.  Anyhow, I remember my Nana reading Charlotte's Web to me when I was little.  We would read a chapter before school; so, I thought this would be a great idea!  Wrong. lol.  My eight-year-old daughter wanted nothing to do with it.  She was like C-YA!! My four-year-old son sat with me while I read it out loud, but he played games on my phone the entire time lol.  Oh well. I guess I'll be reading it alone.  Who knows, maybe I'll read the LOTR books next!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy 1st Caturday in December!!!

I've been up since 2 a.m. for some stupid reason!  At about 3 a.m. I gave up trying to go back to sleep and got up, made coffee and started working a bit.  If I can get all my catch-up work done before anyone else gets up it will be like a REAL weekend!  :)

Today is the 1st day of the advent calendars!!!  Do any of you do these?  When I was little we did them occasionally, mainly the chocolate candy variety.  I've done them with my kiddos for as long as I can remember, but we always do some sort of toy variety, Playmobil, Polly Pocket, etc... Last year I bought goodies from the dollar store and wrapped each individually (NUTSO!!).  This year we are doing Lego advent for little man and girly type stuff for girl child.  I got smart this year and bought manila envelopes  though!  So, she's got a basket of 24 manila envelopes to open lol.  BORING.  I'll post pics of their loot later. ;)  I'm hoping to get in a run today if I'm not too wiped out by my early wakeup.

Here's your Caturday fix!

I'm drinking coffee out of my Tard mug as we speak!

he really likes wood chips....