Monday, October 22, 2012


I have not been able to sleep the last few nights so I have been catching up on my movie watching.  I watched Jane Eyre on Saturday night.  Last night I watched The Notorious Bettie Page and The Descendants.  Both really good.  I had seen the Bettie Page movie before, but it's always a good one.  I really liked The Descendants too; you can't go wrong with George Clooney!

We went to the pumpkin patch yesterday to pick out our pumpkins.

We had fun and I had the best chicken salad sandwich EVER.  I had planned to go for a run after we got home but we were wiped out.  

This morning I went to a PiYo class with my bud Megan.  It was fun!!  (Imagine if Yoga and Pilates had a baby! PiYo!)  Although, I stupidly forgot to bring my water!  I bought a punch card for 5 visits so I'm thinking I will go to TurboKick on Friday with the same instructor.  I need to do SOMETHING on the days I'm not running!  Megan keeps trying to convince me to join her for Zumba, but I'm not there yet.  Me + dancing = OMGWTF??

Someone posted a little goodie on Facebook this morning!  A girl that I went to high school with posted a picture from my freshman year!  Behold!!  This is the "team picture" for flag corps, circa 1994.  

I remember the day we took this picture we were all severely irritated for some reason and there were a lot of hidden middle fingers being thrown in all the pictures.  We were very passive aggressive apparently.

Anyhoo, better get to work!  I'm hoping for an afternoon nap today...

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