Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Grouch Day....

So, when I woke up this morning I was all: 

I browsed Facebook angrily.....ignoring the 89 hundred thousand Happy Birthdays on my wall.....then someone posted something about it being National Grouch Day, and I was like OOOOOH well that makes sense.  No wonder I'm such a grumpygus.  Then I felt a lot better....somehow Oscar made it okay.  Make no mistake, I'm still fairly grumpy....but I don't want to hide under a blanket and cry anymore. ;) I'm a functional birthday grouch today.  I don't feel like running at all, but I went ahead and made plans for the neighbor to watch the kids so I'm forced to do it.

We had yummy cupcakes last night to celebrate since husband will be gone tonight. I'm thinking that I will curl up with the kitties tonight and watch horrible movies that are horribly horrible while eating carrot cake ice cream.

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