Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloweenies!

Happy Halloween to you all!!!  Here are our pumpkins this year.  I helped my 4 year old carve his (aka I did it for him) and for some reason my pumpkins always end up looking alarmed.....

My run yesterday was the worst I've had in a while.  I started out fairly strong but by about 10 minutes in I felt awful, super hot, pukey, etc...I took Gatorade with me this time instead of water and that was a BAD decision.  My mouth tasted sickly sweet and I wondered if that was the problem.  I only got in 1.5 miles before I HAD to stop.  As I was walking home I realized that <<gasp>> my husband was right....I do not drink enough fluids. I can go all day without drinking anything and that's just no good!

When it interferes with my runs that's when I gotta fix it!  I downloaded an app on my phone called Drink-O-Matic.     Hopefully this helps!!  Today is a rest day, which is good because the trick-or-treaters start early here and I don't want to have to dodge them for 40 minutes of running.  This week has been stressful so far, so I told hubby that we should take a shot every time the doorbell rings. LOL.  We'd be loaded about 20 minutes in because we get about 200 trick-or-treaters here on Halloween!!  I am having a beer though and some chocolate!

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