Thursday, October 11, 2012

Honey lemon tea for everyone!

The one day I plan my schedule out in great detail what happens!?! Everyone gets sick!  Husband has been sick for the past few days with sinus crud and congestion.  My throat started hurting yesterday (but moms can't get sick so it doesn't count).  Now the childrens are sick and home from school today.  I got up early this morning to work so I could run and go to the grocery store while they were at school.....  That's life I guess.  So hopefully I can get in a run tonight, and I guess I'll go to the grocery store tonight too.  I need a personal assistant/maid/chef!!

Now THIS is more realistic! ;)

I did start my push-ups yesterday!  I did sets of 10 randomly throughout the day as I was cleaning, working, etc.  My shoulders are SORE this morning! Husband supervised some of my push-ups last night and told me I was doing them all wrong. He also gave me some pointers. I guess he would know since he was in the military.  Have a great Thursday!

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