Sunday, November 4, 2012

Virtual Races

First of all let me tell you how happy I was when I woke up and realized it was Sunday and not Monday lol. WHEW!  That was very happy making.  My second thought upon waking was about the Bama game yesterday (because hubby was watching ESPN when I woke up).  THAT WAS AN AMAZING GAME.  So stressful!!

Then I checked Facebook on my phone and saw a post from Run With Jess about Run 4 NYC.  They are doing a virtual 5k, half-marathon or marathon to raise money for the victims of Sandy.  I had never heard of virtual races until last month when I heard about the Cupcake Classic.  At first I was unsure about a virtual race, but after doing one I can tell you it gives you that little extra oomph to do a little better than you might have.  It gives motivation on what might have been just an ordinary run, and that's a good thing!  

November 4, 2012 through November 11, 2012.
Another virtual race that is coming up this month is the Carry a Thankful Heart 5k.  This was was organized by Crystal over at Pretty Little Loser.  It is November 22, 2012. That's a busy day for a lot of folks, but what better way to feel you really earned that turkey dinner!

I hope you guys have a MARVELOUS Sunday!  I am waiting for hubby to get up so we can go eat breakfast and then hit the Goodwill.  (I'm hoping for some froyo too!)

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