Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Monday!

I do hope you guys had a great weekend! Mine was pretty good.  I went for a run on Saturday and from the first step it just didn't feel right.  I managed to make it 1.5 miles and my body hurt THE ENTIRE TIME.  I limped home and laid in the floor and felt sorry for myself while hubby stretched my legs and rubbed my feet.         He said maybe I didn't drink enough water again......but I did.  I'm pretty sure it's a monthly thing if ya know what I mean.  I was supposed to run yesterday and then take off today, but I decided to take off yesterday and today.  Hopefully my Tuesday run will be better!

Yesterday we went to breakfast and I had the BEST PANCAKES EVER. Seriously. Worth every calorie.  Then we walked on the river walk.

So gorgeous!! This would be an awesome place for a run.  We threw rocks in the water and got all muddy.  

It was gorgeous outside but a bit chilly.  From here we went to Goodwill, which I love.  I mainly look for milk glass stuff and weird glassware, but we generally check out the kid's clothes too because you can generally find at least a couple of nice pieces that are quality name brands and in great condition.  I found a set of milk glass Christmas dishes that I did not buy because they were $30.  That seems really expensive for Goodwill lol, but now I'm kicking myself!!  I might go back and see if they still have them.  I ended up getting these 2 dishes.  They are milk glass.  Hubby found the bowl for me.  I've trained him to spot quality stuff. ;)

We hit up Petco for some kitty treats and the movie place (Piranha DD anyone!?!?)  before we finally came home and did yard work.  :/  I always dread doing yard work and have a temper tantrum when Hubby asks me to help him in the backyard, but I always end up having fun and not wanting to come inside.  

Milo amused himself yesterday by sleeping various places.  I went into the laundry room to do some laundry and he was sleeping with the bottled water....

Hey Mom! Thanks for the new bed.
Not running today.  Just working and cleaning and hopefully reading.  I might watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter tonight, but then again I might not because I am a HUGE CHICKEN.  

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