Thursday, November 15, 2012

Doodley Thursday

I am pretty sure I have mentioned before that I work from home.  I have to sit in front of this computer for 8 hours a day (theoretically lol).  Also, I'm pretty sure I have ADD.  I struggle with distractions and Facebook is a HUGE problem for me.  I started using a web site called Keep Me Out.  You set it up to limit your access to the sites that you waste time on.  I started doing it yesterday and it worked really well!  Until I spotted the pen and paper on my desk......

Doodling is better than Facebook right??  Feel free to judge my grocery list.  ;)  

Don't think I'm going to run today.  Just going to try and catch up on my work and stay toasty inside.  Happy Thursday!!  One week until Turkey Day woohoo!!!! What is on your Thanksgiving menu?  

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