Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back on the horse...

So, this morning I had pretty much convinced myself that I was not going for a run.....I was tired and cold and tired.  I was really tired. Then I started thinking about a breakfast burrito......So, I thought if I want one of those I better run or else my entire day of calories is blown!!  The plan was to pick up the burrito after dropping off daughter's class pet back at school (It didn't die!!!), but I drove right by Durango Joes and thought...yea I don't NEED  a burrito.  I had to run to the store real quick and get some gloves though and ear warmy band thing because as I said I was COLD.  I also got some cottage cheese and apple cider tea. YUMMMY.

perfect for grumpy cat mug!

I also found these things:

I grabbed them because they were just $1 and I thought they might be good to keep me from snacking while working.  These suckers taste just like eggnog!!  Awesome!! I had one and I felt like I just had dessert.

When I got back home I headed out for my run immediately before I lost motivation.  I started the 5k to 10k training program.  It was 10 minutes of jogging alternating with 3 minute tempo runs.....definitely different for me.  It was hard.  I was going to try and do a virtual 10k in January, but I think that might be too soon!


  1. Way to go for getting the run done!

  2. Do the virtual!! You can dot it; not for time... just to get the distance in. DO IT, DO IT! You can if you think you can, you can't if you think you can't ;) Hugs!