Friday, November 2, 2012


My run yesterday was much better than the previous.  I actually made it through 3.1 miles.  I think hydration is key!  (Everyone say it with me: DUUUH!)  My time was not as good as I hoped, but that's okay.  While running I counted 95 candy wrappers (10 or so still with candy), 1 flosser, 1 empty mini liquor bottle, and 1 window kitty!  (Window kitties are my favorite.)

When I got home from my run I found wonderful news in my e-mail!  I was selected to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!!  I'm so excited!!! :)

When they post my "a-ha moment" story on the blog I will share the link.

I mentioned that Pile on the Miles started today, but we also started our own November Miles Challenge in my local running group.  San Juan County Moms RUN This Town represent!!! WHAT! WHAT! lol.  ;)  I've got to come up with some good prizes for it!  I already have a few ideas!

Tonight the kiddos and I, and a neighbor went for a walk around the hood and picked up some of the above mentioned candy wrappers.  It was a nice walk.  A 4-cat walk.  (3 yard kitties, and 1 window kitty).  :)  Happy Friday!!


  1. Congratulations on SPA!! I became a SPA a few months ago and it's the most wonderful online community, I've gotten lots of great blog advice on there and made some awesome friends!!

  2. Thank you!!! I need to check out the community.