Saturday, November 17, 2012


So, I haven't really wanted to post today.  I am still pretty mad at myself about this morning's 5k.  I was hoping to at least run it under 40, but my time ended up being 42:26.  I could NOT run the entire thing.  There were some hills that kicked my butt.  :(  I went into it feeling pretty confident and came out of it feeling really crummy.
lining up at the start.

On a positive note, the girls from my running club who also ran did much better than me!  :)  (By like 10 minutes lol)  I'm really proud of them!

After we took pictures, got water and caught our breath, we went to find our free "lunch."  (It was 10 am and I don't eat before a race, so I counted this as breakfast!!)  We thought it was going to be a BBQ lunch but it turned out to be......turkey!  (I guess that's a big duh since this was the Turkey Trot).  I didn't think to take a picture until I ate some.  

Best turkey breakfast I ever had....
The little muffin was pumpkin or carrot or spice or something, but it was delicious!  Hubby said the teeny muffin was worth the entire trip....not sure about that.  After we ate I just wanted to get out of there.  So, we headed to Goodwill to check for ugly Christmas sweaters and milk glass.  No luck on those two things but we did find an AWESOME painting (hubby disagrees) and a replacement lid for a pot that we had lost.  Hubby thinks that the lid we found is actually our lid and we accidentally gave it to Goodwill.....LOL.  There might have been a Sangria at lunchtime and some Kahlua and coffee involved in the rest of the day.....

Sangria at the Greek restaurant!


  1. GO TABATHA! Bad races suck at the time but you learn more from the bad ones than you do the good ones :) I hated this saying at first but now I'm not so bummed when a bad one sneaks up on me... it just reminds me that running is hard and makes me appreciate my good runs even more. I think you look smashing in your turkey shirt :)

  2. Thank you!! I'm still pretty down about this. It was a blow to my confidence for sure. I'm not giving up at all though. :)