Friday, December 21, 2012

We're not dead!! Yay!

Well, the world did not end, which is good because I bought a crap load of produce last night.  I started my juice fast today and I will do it through Christmas Eve.  This morning I had apple, carrot ginger juice!  Very yummy!

Today I will be working and then taking Milo to the vet.  He needs one more set of shots before we can get him fixed.  He'll be 7 months in January and I'm afraid he's gonna start spraying. :/  I'm going to the gym tomorrow with a friend.  I'm gonna run on the treadmill and maybe do some stationary biking!  Yay for getting back to running.  It's been TOO long.  Happy Friday!


 Here's mid-morning Mean Green snack juice! I had to substitute zucchini for kale because I couldn't find any kale last night and I forgot to get spinach!  It made almost double what's in the cup, and I still have lunch juice, snack juice and dinner juice to go!  This is crazy!

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