Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Project Mudder- Day 2

Day 1 went well.  I almost lost it in the afternoon and drank an entire bottle of champagne, but then I pulled it together.  (Really, when the UPS man delivers a bottle of champagne it's HARD to resist! But I did.)

I didn't have time to do my workout until around 7 p.m. I was looking forward to it all day!  I fed the kids and got them squared away and then went and locked myself in my bedroom with the iPad.  I pulled up the Streamfit site and.....NADA.  I got an error message.  So I went and got my laptop and had the same problem.  Major bummer.  So then I tried 2 other sites that I had coupons for.  No dice.  Finally I downloaded the Women's Health Personal Trainer app....not impressed.  I used it, but I'll be deleting it soon.     Totally not worth the $14 a month or whatever it is.  Thank goodness for free trials!!

This morning's breakfast was the last of my Nature Box granola :( with some milk heated up.  Super yummy!! Tonight I'm going to try again with the Streamfit site, as of this morning it seems to be working again!

Hubby had been telling me about the "mustache man" for a while, and I finally checked out his blog last night. Holy crap!!  Dude is awesome!  Check him out!

my new hero.

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