Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One more sleep!

Good morning!  One more day until we leave!  I have SO MUCH to get done so just a quick post!  I had to run hubby's clothes to the dry cleaner this morning so we stopped in at the new bakery in town.  I got this goody:

ham and cheese croissant with grumpy coffee
It was very good!  Flaky!  Will be going back to try other stuff.  Their staff was very friendly too!  Little man settled for a candy bar....really...a candy bar..instead of a pastry.  Not sure if he's my son....

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I would have picked the pastry! Well, maybe the candy bar, too...

  2. I miss you! I've not checked or read blogs in what feels like FOREVER! It's like we're both on mini-vacations (only you really are!). How is it? Can't wait to see pics!!

  3. I've been checking blogs, but haven't posted. It's very nice to have a break!! It's been really fun, although I've been eating HORRIBLY!!! And I've missed you too!

    1. Update me, lady!! Tell me all about you. I've only been checking your blog. Everyone else just feels like too much work. haha!

  4. Heeeeyyy!! I'm home finally!! Yay! Are you on Facebook (personal page)?? If so friend me on there, Tabatha Guthrie Rhodes.