Monday, December 17, 2012

Banana egg pancakes

When I was in Alabama my brother made some awesome pancakes out of only banana and eggs!! These are probably old news, but I had never heard of them. He and his wife are doing paleo, and this is one of their go-to breakfasts/snacks.  I was skeptical before I tried them, but they are good!  I made them this morning since today is officially day one of Project Mudder.  All you do is mash one banana and then mix it with two eggs.  I decided to add cinnamon to the batter......but I was really tired.....Here's a tip: Pepper in your pancakes is not half bad!

these look exactly alike!!!

Here's the finished product.  I topped them with Activia vanilla yogurt and some granola from Nature Box.  Very good breakfast!!


  1. Ummm, yum! And Hi! I've missed you!! Sorry I've been absent. Life is full of surprises :) These look delicious!! I can't wait to try them. Thanks girl!! p.s. SO proud of you for Tough Mudder and the 28 day challenge. YOU ROCK!

  2. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I miss you! I almost commented on your blog last night demanding for you to come back! lol. :) How's puppy doing?