Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hairy little men....

Happy Tuesday!  Nothing much going on over this way.  Just trying to get all the laundry done and get the house in order.  Me and the kiddos are leaving on Thursday and flying out to Alabama for my brother's wedding reception!  I haven't seen my family since June so it will be great to see them!  I will still be posting while there, and I plan on taking my running gear so I can get a couple of runs in too.  We will only be there a week.  I'll also be working while there :/  Working from home is so cool....

I took the kids to the library yesterday to return their books and get new ones (they have not fully embraced e-books as much as I have lol).  While we were there I grabbed The Hobbit.  I had been toying with the idea of reading it to them, but did not want to buy it on my Nook.  I've never read any of Tolkien's books before.  I did watch the LOTR movies, I might have missed the last one, not sure.  Anyhow, I remember my Nana reading Charlotte's Web to me when I was little.  We would read a chapter before school; so, I thought this would be a great idea!  Wrong. lol.  My eight-year-old daughter wanted nothing to do with it.  She was like C-YA!! My four-year-old son sat with me while I read it out loud, but he played games on my phone the entire time lol.  Oh well. I guess I'll be reading it alone.  Who knows, maybe I'll read the LOTR books next!

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  1. Have so much fun on your trip! Don't fear, I wasn't a reader when I was younger and now it's my escape :) Some day they'll learn how delicious books can be.

    p.s. I'm super duper proud of you for taking your running gear. You rock!