Friday, January 4, 2013


So in an effort to do better with my eating I decided to use the paper journal they gave me when I signed up at the gym to track my food and exercise.  I have all the apps on my phone, iPad etc....but I just don't use them.  It just seems much easier to keep the paper journal on my desk.

So far so good!! I even ordered another for when this one runs out.  I'm down 2 pounds this week so far.  I skipped the gym last night and did the Spartan WOD workout with hubby.....modified because I CANNOT do 400 lunges. It was a good workout though! But I am looking forward to going back to the gym tonight! 

Monica over at Run, Eat, Repeat was talking about the RNR New Orleans Marathon this morning.  Funny because just yesterday I was daydreaming about our roadtrip last June that took us through Nola.  I am jonesing to go back!!  IN A MAJOR WAY.

If the RNR Nola was not next month I would totally pick that as my half for this year, but I'm looking for a half in the fall, so maybe Portland.....In the meantime I'll just be sitting over here daydreaming....and planning my next roadtrip. (and bombarding hubby with text messages about said roadtrip!) :)

Another of my resolutions for this year that I failed to tell you guys about is my goal to read 52 books this year!  A book a week!  I will recap my book for the first week of January on Monday and tell you about the book I'll be starting for the coming week.  This week I'm reading Book 2 of the Timeless series by Laura Kreitzer: Soul Stalker.  Good book!  I will finish it up on Sunday!

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